My 10 tricks to get moist cakes with rich flavor

How I like my cakes 🎂 ;

Chocolate super rich and strong flavor, fruity cakes very moist with a lot of fresh fruits , carrot cakes with a lot of nuts and coconut cakes with a strong vanilla flavor and coconut flakes.

The challenge is basically in how to get that strong flavor while keeping the gluten free or vegan cakes moist and tender and at the same time avoid or reduce the use of sugar.

Here are 10 simple and super easy tricks that you can use and they work for me all the time 👩‍🍳

1) Add fruit puree in place of some of the liquid. I usually like homemade unsweetened apple sauce. Any other puree works (including mashed banana) , it keeps the cake moist and tender.

2) For vanilla cakes, a tablespoon of coconut yogurt is amazing

3) For Berries cake, always use fresh fruits

4) With chocolate cake, I add some fresh nut butter (hazelnut butter is magic)

5) To get a strong chocolate flavor, I add a teaspoon of espresso powder with wet ingredients

6) Add spices like cinnamon , nutmeg , ginger especially with carrot and pumpkin cakes

7) Use real vanilla extract

8) Add at least 2 tablespoons of desiccated coconut especially for vanilla cakes , it has to be at the end when the batter is ready . It gives the cake a very nice sweetness.

9) Be generous with lemon zest with vanilla cakes and orange zest with carrot and orange cakes

10) Replace some of the liquid with fresh juice especially in fruity cakes like orange

Happy Baking ! let me know if you have any additional tips for me to try


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